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Laparoscopic surgery enables your surgeon to perform weight loss procedures without having to make large incisions, meaning your operation is more comfortable and you take less time to recover afterward. The surgeons at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, with two locations in Tempe and one each in Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, and Phoenix, Arizona, are experts at using laparoscopic techniques to carry out weight loss surgeries, so to find out how they can help you lose weight, call the clinic now or book an appointment online.

Laparoscopic Surgery Q & A

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Your surgeon uses laparoscopic surgery to carry out weight loss procedures using camera-guided instruments. Rather than making one large incision in your abdomen, your surgeon makes several smaller cuts and passes a slim tool called a laparoscope into your body.

The laparoscope is equipped with a miniature video camera and a light so your surgeon can see your internal organs on a screen.

How is laparoscopic surgery carried out?

When you undergo a laparoscopic procedure, your surgeon makes small cuts measuring approximately half an inch in your abdomen. They feed tubes into the openings and pass the camera and instruments through the tubes to the operation site.

Your surgeon uses the camera to guide the instruments, performing the entire operation by manipulating the instruments from outside your body.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive, which means there’s no need for large cuts or for the surgeon’s hands to go inside your body. Minimally invasive procedures have the advantage of causing less trauma to tissues, meaning:

  • The surgery site is less uncomfortable
  • The wounds heal more quickly
  • You don’t spend so long in the hospital
  • You can resume your regular activities sooner
  • You have smaller scars
  • There’s less chance of complications
  • There may be less internal scarring

Shorter recovery times make laparoscopic weight loss surgery less disruptive to your normal life, and the procedure is a more comfortable option than open surgery.

Can all weight loss surgeries be performed laparoscopically?

Whenever possible, your surgeon chooses a laparoscopic procedure over open surgery, but there are certain procedures and some patients that aren’t suitable for laparoscopy. When you attend your appointment with a surgeon from Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, they’ll assess your suitability for weight loss surgery and advise you on the most appropriate procedure.

If laparoscopic surgery isn’t right for you, your surgeon explains why and discusses the alternatives, so you can make an informed decision about your care. Contact the clinic for more information on the range of laparoscopic surgeries available at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona by calling them or booking an appointment online today.