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Gastric plication is a laparoscopic operation that offers an effective alternative for patients who want the advantages of weight loss surgery without having to commit to an irreversible procedure. The surgeons at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona are experts in weight loss procedures and can discuss your suitability for gastric plication or alternative solutions to your weight problem. There are two clinics in Tempe, and further branches in Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, and Phoenix, Arizona. Call the clinic today or book an appointment online.

Gastric Plication Q & A

What is gastric plication?

Gastric plication, also known as laparoscopic gastric greater curvature plication or gastric imbrication, is a form of weight loss surgery that reduces the size of your stomach, meaning you feel full after eating a small amount of food.

It’s a similar procedure to gastric sleeve surgery, but unlike gastric sleeve, gastric plication is reversible and minimally invasive. Your surgeon carries out the procedure using a laparoscope, which enables them to operate without you needing to undergo open surgery.

What happens during a gastric plication procedure?

The team of specialists at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona prepares you for your operation and makes you comfortable, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to your surgeon before you’re anesthetized.

The operation takes between 40 minutes and two hours, using a minimally invasive technique that involves making small incisions in your abdomen to insert the laparoscope. Your surgeon uses the laparoscopic instruments to fold your stomach lining inside itself, reducing its size by around 75%.

You stay in the East Valley Surgical Center, which is owned and operated by the practice, for one or two nights; and you’ll need to take a week off work to recover from the procedure.

How does a gastric plication procedure help me lose weight?

After the surgery, you have less room in your stomach for large meals, and you’ll feel full after eating a small portion of food. As a result, you’ll eat less and find it easier to lose weight, as long as you follow the healthy eating and exercise plans prepared by the clinic’s dieticians.

What are the advantages of gastric plication?

Gastric plication aims to help you lose weight by restricting your stomach size in the same way as a gastric bypass, but it has several advantages:

  • No rearrangement of the digestive system
  • Surgery is reversible
  • Less invasive than open surgery
  • Quicker healing time and less scarring
  • No gastric band adjustment surgeries required

A gastric plication is a good option for people who are finding it hard to lose weight despite making repeated efforts to do so. You can find out more about gastric plication and alternative weight loss treatments from the friendly team at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. Call them today, or book an appointment online.