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Gastric Sleeve Patient, Kim

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Kim O.

“ I remember very well the reason why I finally made the life-changing decision to have surgery and get a stomach sleeve! I was very sick, and no one could figure out what was wrong until Dr. Debarros! I had horrible back problems, knee problems, I was prediabetic, and I had a thyroid issue. I was always tired, never wanted to do anything due to pain, and I felt like I was being selfish to my children. I walked into a stomach doctor, got on the scale and saw that my weight had hit the highest I had ever got up to. I was only 26 years old, a wife and young mother of two children, but had somehow creeped up to 274 pounds. I was so frustrated, confused, disappointed, depressed, and ready for a true, permanent life change. Now let me tell you, I was truly blessed to find WLIA, Dr. Debarros, Sarah the dietitian, and the rest of the staff. They changed my life for the best! I am glad to say I no longer have ANY health issues! The only medication I take daily is a multi-vitamin! I am always full of energy, wanting to go out and be active, and now my husband begs me to try to relax. I tell him I can’t because I’m making up for lost time! I wake up and always feel so thankful that I was given a second chance at life, and I will never go back to my old self. I am proud to say that I now fluctuate between 150-155 pounds and I went from a size 18W-20 clothes size/1x-2x to now a size 8-10 and small/ medium. It’s amazing how instead of worrying about clothes being too small, I worry that they are too big.  It's amazing! Thank you to WLIA and Dr. DeBarros for a second chance at life!”


LAP-BAND® Patient, Paula

*Disclaimer: Results may vary

“I finally reached my breaking point with the physical distress and emotional pain I suffered from the immense shame and embarrassment I experienced with being overweight. With great trepidation, I finally reached out of my comfort zone and attended a free seminar on at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. It was by far, the most courageous decision I had made in a long time. I am so very glad I did. My life has changed drastically. Nearly all my medical ailments have been eliminated. I no longer have seriously high blood pressure issues, cholesterol numbers are good, and my joint and back pain has subsided. I no longer use a cane in order to walk. I’m ecstatic to be able to perform the simplest of tasks, such as tying my own shoes. Oh, the joy! With the LAP-BAND, and of course, the full support of the staff at WLIA and that of family and friends, I am alive today! I am healthy and have all kinds of energy. I feel great! I walk, play, laugh and dance! I look great! I love life again! I love me again!” *


Gastric Sleeve Patient, Larry

*Disclaimer: Results may vary

LARRY LOPES WAS GENERALLY fit through early adulthood, but an autoimmune disorder diagnosis threw his healthiness for a loop. “I ignored it and powered through it,” the Phoenix father of two says. His lymph nodes became swollen, so doctors took a biopsy in 2015 and diagnosed him with sarcoidosis, a growth of inflammatory cells that affects the immune system. Doctors put him on a steroid, which treated the sarcoidosis but caused significant weight gain. The dramatic change in his body mass caused his muscles, bones, and ligaments to weaken. These medical issues came to a head when he blew out a tendon in his knee almost two years ago. “That’s when I really started thinking, ‘What can I do to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again?’” To prevent further damage, Dr. Michael Orris at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona recommended a sleeve gastrectomy, commonly known as gastric sleeve surgery, in which the stomach is reduced to about 20 percent of its original size. At first, Lopes struggled with the decision. “The thought of having my stomach cut really bothered me, and it really was my wife saying, ‘If this is what you have to do to be here for your kids, then this is what you have to do.’” In July of 2017, Lopes had the surgery. Within months, he had lost almost 100 pounds and significantly reduced the number of steroids he needed to treat his sarcoidosis. “I feel like a new person,” Lopes says.


LAP-BAND® Patient, Jennifer

*Disclaimer: Results may vary

“I was stuck in a rut and wanted to feel better about myself. I also was having some health problems (sleep apnea, pre-diabetes). Now that I have lost weight, I am exercising for an hour daily and am training for a sprint triathlon. I like myself in a bathing suit again! I am dating. I feel HOT!” *



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Success Stories

  • Alexis

    Alexis wanted the LAP-BAND® for the simpler recovery and effective weight loss in Phoenix. She researched bariatric surgery for two years before she chose the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona for our support and compassionate care. Start your weight loss journey by calling our office at (480) 829-6100 or request your consultation online. *

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  • Carol

    Carol chose to research her options for bariatric surgery before deciding to undergo the LAP-BAND® procedure at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. She wanted to find a qualified surgeon who came highly recommended. Start your weight loss journey by calling our office at (480) 829-6100 or request your consultation online. *

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  • Dave

    A Tempe area local, Dave wanted to find a weight loss solution and discovered that the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona offered the LAP-BAND®. After his surgery, Dave’s life has improved greatly, taught him how to eat better, and given him more confidence. Start your weight loss journey by calling our office at (480) 829-6100 or request your consultation online.  *

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  • Debbie

    Debbie was impressed with the staff and surgeons at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona and felt that it was her time to take care of herself. Now she has better tools for keeping herself healthy, and she feels confident knowing she did the right thing. Start your weight loss journey by calling our office at (480) 829-6100 or request your consultation online.  *

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  • Erica

    After struggling with chronic sickness in addition to her weight, Erica chose to have bariatric surgery to improve her life. Now she no longer struggles with chronic illness, and she has more energy than before. Start your weight loss journey by calling our office at (480) 829-6100 or request your consultation online. *

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