What Is the Obalon Balloon?

You’d like to lose weight, and perhaps your doctor has suggested weight loss, but diet and exercise haven’t delivered the results you want. As you review your options, you may be anxious about a surgical procedure, which is where the Obalon® balloon system comes in.

At the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, our team of bariatric specialists wants to ensure that you have a wide range of options from which to choose, depending on your needs and your comfort level. 

If you’re not keen on the idea of surgery, but you need to lose some meaningful pounds, Obalon may hold the key to your goals. Here’s how.

A non-surgical solution

The primary appeal of the Obalon balloon system is that it doesn’t require surgery. The Obalon balloon, as the name implies, is an inflatable, swallowable device that we place in your stomach to take up space. By reducing the volume of your stomach, you feel full faster and eat far less.

The placement of the Obalon balloon is quite simple, and we perform the procedure right in our offices in just 10 minutes. 

When you come in, we use a microcatheter to insert the balloon, which is initially contained in a small capsule. Once the capsule is in place in your stomach, it inflates, and we remove the catheter.

A gradual solution

Unlike bariatric surgery, the Obalon balloon system is designed to be gradual, allowing you to adjust to newer, healthier dietary and exercise habits. After we place your first balloon, we place a second balloon in one month, and then a third balloon one month after that.

This approach to shrinking the available volume in your stomach allows you to gradually adjust your diet and lifestyle for optimal weight loss.

A reversible solution

Another appeal of the Obalon system is that we can reverse the procedure at any time. If, for whatever reason, you’re struggling with the balloon, all we need to do is remove the balloon(s) in a simple in-office procedure.

A short solution

The Obalon balloon system is designed to remain in place for just six months, during which time you can make the necessary modifications to your eating and exercise habits that will serve you well long after we remove the balloons. 

Rest assured, we’re here to help you make those modifications through nutritional counseling and support.

A safe solution

The Food and Drug Administration approved the Obalon balloon system in 2016 based on the system’s success and safety record in helping people lose weight.

An effective solution

When it comes to results, Obalon conducted a large clinical study and found that patients lost twice as much weight with the Obalon system than through diet and exercise alone.

And when it comes to maintaining those results, the same study found that an average of 89% of the total weight lost at six months held at the one-year mark.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Obalon balloon system can give you the jumpstart your need for your weight loss, contact one of our six locations in Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, or Phoenix, Arizona, to set up a consultation.

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