Life After Weight Loss Surgery: How to Retain Your Results

There are several different weight loss surgeries, and the kind of surgery you have will determine your specific follow-up and the best way for you to maintain your results. Of course, healthy eating, exercising, and keeping yourself physically and mentally well are all key. Regular follow ups and a strong support system are also essential, and at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, our support program is designed for you and your personal success.

You’ll have regularly scheduled follow-up appointments for the first few years, and you’ll always know with confidence that we’ll be here for you, whenever you need us. We recognize that obesity is a lifelong disease and will require attention and care for the rest of your life. The surgery is only one part of the process. What you do afterward will determine whether or not you can retain the results. Just know the doctors and staff of Weight Loss Institute of Arizona will be with you on every step of this amazing journey. Here’s to a healthy new you.

The weeks after weight loss surgery

In the immediate weeks after surgery, as well as for the first few months, you’ll continue to heal. Our dietician will help you with both a pre- and post-surgery diet. It is our job to teach you how to eat, and this includes the what and the when. You may be on a liquid diet for a while, and making sure you get enough fluids is vital. This is also a good, lifelong habit to develop. Drinking enough fluids will make sure you’re properly hydrated and can help avoid constipation and kidney stones.

You will then move to soft foods before you can return to regular foods, with a dietician-designed nutrition plan for you to follow. Our job is to teach you how to make the best dietary choices and how to create and maintain new, healthy, lifelong habits.

Post-surgery support

As with anything in life, the more support you receive, the better. Our doctors and nurses will monitor your health and weight loss, and keep on top of your progress. If you had LAP-BAND®, you may need to have the bands adjusted.

In addition to regular checkups, we offer support groups for our patients. This includes speakers, who will talk on a variety of subjects, including exercise and diet, and also plastic surgery, which some patients may want or need. Keeping you focused and motivated is also important to retain your results.

Sometimes you just want to hear from and share stories with other people who have had similar experiences. Though having the support of your friends and family is key, there are times when they just won’t understand the specifics of what you’ve experienced. This is why peer-to-peer conversations are also essential. To further help our patients, we have created an exclusive and private Facebook page. This is a great place to share tips and advice and to offer support to one another.

Diet, exercise, and fitness after weight loss surgery

Long-term weight management is dependent upon a proper diet, as well as the right fitness and exercise program. Our staff will have specific recommendations for you and will advise you about the best kinds of exercise as you recover from surgery. You must heal before you can build up to a regular exercise and fitness routine.

The best workouts will include cardio and aerobic, resistance and strength training, and stretching and flexibility exercises. A gym will offer the most equipment and opportunities, though you can certainly opt to create a home workout program. Again, we are here for you with the one goal of helping you retain your post-weight loss surgery results.

To come in for an initial consultation or follow up, you can call us, chat with us online, or set an appointment right here. Weight Loss Institute of Arizona has six locations throughout the state to best serve you. Let us help you stay healthy and fit and make your results long-lasting.

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