Have You Heard About the Obalon® Balloon System's Nonsurgical Approach to Weight Loss?

The struggle to lose weight is a frustrating one that takes an enormous amount of will and commitment. But instead of going it alone, why not get a leg up and kick-start your weight loss with far less struggle? 

There are many ways we can help with weight loss through bariatric surgery, but if you’re hesitant about this type of invasive procedure, we have the perfect solution — the Obalon® Balloon System.

At the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, our team of weight-loss experts offers many different approaches to losing weight to suit every need and every goal. As part of our extensive array of services, we offer the Obalon Balloon System, which is an FDA-approved technique that can help you lose twice as much weight as with diet and exercise alone.

Here’s how the nonsurgical Obalon Balloon System can help you shed those extra pounds.

Fill ‘er up

Gastric balloons are a very simple solution to weight loss. They take up space in your stomach to reduce the amount of food you take in, and they make you feel fuller at the same time. This incredibly simple approach to weight loss is effective and helps you avoid more aggressive measures such as bariatric surgery.

Not your average gastric balloon

What makes the Obalon Balloon System unique is that we don’t need to place the balloons in your stomach. You swallow them instead. It takes just 10 minutes for us to place the Obalon balloons, and most patients benefit from three balloons.

The balloons are attached to a micro-catheter and come in a capsule. Once you swallow the balloon, it inflates inside your stomach, and then we take an X-ray to ensure that the balloons are positioned properly inside your stomach. Once we’re satisfied with the positioning, we simply remove the micro-catheter and you’re free to go.

You keep the balloons in your stomach for six months, then we give you complete instructions about how to best move forward with your Obalon balloons.

Removing your balloons

Another benefit of the Obalon Balloon System is that the procedure is completely reversible. Whether you remove them early or after the recommended six-month period, the removal procedure is simple.

When you come in, we lightly sedate you and insert an instrument into your stomach to puncture the balloons and then remove them. It takes us just 20 minutes to complete this process, and you’re free to go home afterward.

Life after your balloon

While you have the balloons in your stomach, you can use this time to make some changes to your diet. The balloons help by controlling how much you eat; you need to do your part through better diet and exercise for the best results.

After we remove the balloons, you’re able to maintain your great results because you’ve retrained your body with healthier habits. In fact, the makers of Obalon report that an average of 89% of weight loss was kept off at the one-year mark (six months post-removal), when combined with a moderate diet and exercise program.

If you’d like to explore how the Obalon Balloon System can get you to your weight-loss goals more quickly, please contact one of our locations: two clinics in Tempe and a branch each in Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, and Phoenix, Arizona.

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