Considering Gastric Bypass? Here Are the Options

If you suffer from obesity, losing weight can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Thanks to innovative bariatric surgical procedures, we can give you the jumpstart you need for meaningful and lasting weight loss, allowing you to lead a healthier life. Of the many options, gastric bypass ranks among the most common, accounting for 17% of bariatric surgeries in the United States.

At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, our team of bariatric specialists offers the gastric bypass procedure, which is considered by many to be the gold standard in weight loss surgeries. If you decide that a gastric bypass presents your best chance of losing weight, there are two ways we can go about it, and we review them here.

Gastric bypass 101

A gastric bypass surgery, which is also called a roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is a procedure in which we create a much smaller stomach by disconnecting the top half of your stomach from the rest of the organ. Then we divide your small intestine and attach the top end of the bottom section directly to the newly created pouch.

In other words, we’re eliminating a large portion of your stomach and some of your small intestine from the digestion equation. In doing this, we accomplish several objectives, including:

The success rates for gastric bypass surgery are impressive with 60-80% excess weight loss in the short-term and 50% in the long-term (20 years or more).

Two different approaches to a gastric bypass

If you decide that a gastric bypass surgery is right for your situation, we perform the surgery in one of two ways:

Laparoscopic gastric bypass

One of the greatest advances in how we perform modern surgery is laparoscopy, which allows us to make only very small incisions through which we thread a specialized camera and tools to perform the work. 

The benefits of performing surgery using these techniques are myriad and include:

There’s a considerable amount of change that awaits you after your gastric bypass so it’s helpful to take a long recovery out of the process.

Open gastric bypass

While we prefer to perform a gastric bypass laparoscopically, there are times when we may need to use a more open approach. For example, if you’ve already had abdominal surgery or you have a very high body mass index, we may need to turn to this more traditional technique.

With an open gastric bypass, we make a long incision in your abdomen so we can directly access your stomach and small intestine.

To find out which gastric bypass surgical approach is best for you, contact one of our six locations in Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, or Phoenix, Arizona, to set up a consultation. You can call or use our online tool.

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