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    1. "I highly recommend WLIAZ if you are considering Weight Loss Surgery."

    2. Lori C. google

    1. "I have been coming here since 2008 and the love and support I receive is so warming!"

    2. Jennifer M. google

    1. "As soon as I walked into the WLIA, I knew I was embarking on a life changing journey!"

    2. Amie P. yelp

    1. "The staff at WLIA was very kind and supportive answering any questions that I had."

    2. Toni V. yelp

    1. "This Institute has given me a new lease on life."

    2. Denice W. google

    1. "The minute I met with WLIA, I felt accepted and valued."

    2. Shannon L. google

    1. "I cannot say enough good things about WLIA. Life changing!"

    2. Brittany C. google

    1. "The staff was awesome! Very informative. The nutrionists are very knowledgeable also."

    2. Denise N. google

    1. "This is the best weight loss service in Arizona!"

    2. Verified Patient google

    1. "Great experience. Staff was helpful and walked me through every step of the process."

    2. Neal S. google

Weight Loss Institute of Arizona

Weight Loss Surgery & Bariatric Center located in Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, & Phoenix, AZ

Serving hundreds of patients each year, the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona is an industry leader in the field of bariatrics and weight loss surgery. With two offices in Tempe and one each in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, and Mesa, the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona team is prepared to address the needs of patients from all across the Southwest.

The highly trained and dedicated physicians have made the Weight Loss Institute a premier destination for patients in search of top weight loss specialists. The team brings together some of the top weight loss surgeons in the area with over 10 years of combined medical experience.

Specializing in everything from Lap-Band® System surgery to gastric bypass surgery, the doctors at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona have the skills to tackle your health issues with confidence and compassion. With patient education and transparency at the core of their philosophy, the team has mastered the craft of putting their patients first.

If you’d like to speak with a specialist about your health concerns, call to schedule an appointment today or book one online anytime.

Our Surgeons

  • Dr. Michael J. Orris, DO, MBA, FASMBS

    Dr. Orris is a partner and one of the lead surgeons at our Phoenix, Tempe, Arrowhead, and Tucson weight loss center locations.

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    Dr. John J. DeBarros, MD, FACS, FASMBS

    A lead surgeon at WLIA, Dr. DeBarros practices a team approach to surgical weight loss in the Phoenix area which includes diet, exercise and education for long term success.

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  • Dr. Jason Richardson, MD

    A fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeon, Dr. Jason Richardson has a deep appreciation for the life-changing effects that compassionate care can have on patients.

    Learn More


    Dr. Catherine Ho, DO

    Dr. Catherine Ho joined the WLIAZ team in 2013. She is a board-certified surgeon and a fellowship trained surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery and bariatrics.

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  • Dr. Thomas Buddensick, MD

    Dr. Buddensick is a fellowship trained general and bariatric surgeon. He joined the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona in 2016.

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Dr. Orris recently wrote an article for the Daily Independent about COVID-19 and Obesity. To read the article, click here.

Learn more about Katie's weight loss journey at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona.

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Blog Articles

5 Ways that Excess Weight Can Impact Your Health

The effect that carrying too much weight can have on your health is almost without limits, as it influences both your physical and mental health. Here, we look at five very serious conditions that are influenced by excess weight.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Any surgery comes with some risk, but when these risks are stacked up against the dangers of not having surgery, the intervention can be the safer route. This is often the case with weight loss surgery.


Words from our patients

  • Google

    "I must say that I had a very positive experience with Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. The staff here is very knowledgeable and professional. "

    David S.
  • Yelp

    "I have been overweight a majority of my life with several medical issues. After I got the gastric sleeve, I have noticed a huge change in my life. Thank you WLIA!"

    Wendy B.
  • Yelp

    "I love this place. You definitely still have to advocate for yourself and put in the hard work, but if you're serious about changing your life, WLIA has your back!"

    Kiri B.
  • Yelp

    "Amazing friendly staff that goes the distance to inform clients. I am happy I found this place."

    Verified Patient
  • Yelp

    "Weight Loss Institute of Arizona has the best Bariatric Surgeons you can find. I am forever grateful I chose them!

    Deea W.
  • Yelp

    "I cannot stress enough that these are the people you want to talk to if you're interested in any type of bariatric surgery."

    Erin K.
  • Yelp

    "My husband and I chose a consultation with WLIA for lap-band surgery based off the recommendations from other nurses and they were right! We made the right choice 100%"

    Trina S.
  • Yelp

    "These doctors saved my wife's life. We owe the WLIA everything!"

    Chuck R.
  • Yelp

    "These doctors saved my wife's life. We owe the WLIA everything!"

    Chuck R.
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