The following questions frequently come up during Weight Loss Institute of Arizona’s private medical weight loss consultations in our Phoenix area and Tucson offices.

The best way to get an overview of our program is to attend one of our free comprehensive seminars that cover numerous topics including:

  • Am I a candidate?
  • Medical treatment for obesity
  • Surgical treatment for obesity
  • Specific overview of our individualized program


Questions Answered in Video:

What Is Bariatric Surgery And What Is The Criteria To Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?
Does Obesity Affect Women Differently Than Men?
Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?
How Do The Adjustable Gastric Bands Differ?
How Does An Adjustable Gastric Band Promote Weight Loss?
What Is The Role Of The Port In The LAP-BAND®?
How Do LAP-BAND® And Gastric Bypass Surgeries Differ?
What Makes Banner Estrella Medical Center Unique In Obesity Treatment?
Are LAP-BAND® And Gastric Bypass Surgeries Reversible?
Why Are Bariatric Surgery Follow-up Programs Important And How Do They Differ Depending on The Procedure?
Which Bariatric Procedures Are Available To Women At Banner Estrella Medical Center?
How Soon Can Bariatric Surgery Be Performed After The Initial Consultation?
Which Tests Are Required Prior To Bariatric Surgery And Why Are They Necessary? Is A Psychological Evaluation Required Prior To Undergoing Bariatric Surgery At Banner Estrella Medical Center?
Do You Have A Favorite Bariatric Patient Success Story From Banner Estrella Medical Center?
Is The Adjustable Gastric Band Procedure Painful?
What Are Co-morbidities And Can Bariatric Surgery Reduce These?
What Will Women Eat After Bariatric Surgery? Is Reduced Appetite A Common Symptom After Bariatric Surgery?
Do Banner Bariatric Centers Host Free Weight Loss Seminars For Future Patients And How Often Are These Seminars Hosted?
What Can Patients Expect At Banner Estrella Medical Center Once They Decide To Have Bariatric Surgery?
What Are The Lifestyle Habits Of A Successful Bariatric Patient?
Is A Drain Left In A Patient Immediately After Gastric Bypass Surgery?
How Do LAP-BAND® And Gastric Bypass Surgeries Differ?